My Pen in Action

Hi!  This is my autobiography, sharing a little of my hobbies and my style of writing.

I love to write.  I would preferably write a short story over an essay, because I feel like I can use more creativity in a short story.

I won The Betty Award Fall 2017 contest with “The Mouse in Monet’s Garden”, a short story.  Click here to read it.

I also love to make short films.  In my blog I have interweaved some of the videos I have created.  I hope you enjoy watching them!

I love playing with my American Girl Doll, Molly, whose posts you can read under Molly’s Diary.  You can also read Molly’s dog Bennet’s posts under Bennet’s Blog.  She and Bennet both have amazing adventures – Bennet’s adventures sometimes get out of hand, but not matter – and they are there for you to read and enjoy.

Check out The Pal News and travel to Pal world with Whiskers the mouse, ace reporter for the Pal newspaper.  He and his buddies will also be on crazy adventures, or just reporting a story written by another stuffed animal friend.

Have fun reading my blog, The Place of the Pen!

Writer's Slide Picture

(This is what my desk would look like if I used a pen and ink!)