Molly’s Biography

Hi!  I am Molly McIntire, the doll American Girl retired a while ago.  This is my biography.


I enjoy writing, reading, and drawing.  I run a movie production studio, Molly’s Movies, and a T.V. show.  I enjoy the process of filming and editing a movie, but truly my favorite part is writing the script and the screenplay.

Words are so powerful; as Thomas Jefferson (the actor in Williamsburg) once said to me, “Which is more powerful, the sword, or the pen.”

I, loving writing, and guessing he would say this, said, “The pen.”

He agreed.

The pen has changed history time and again.  The great Roman Empire crumbled to the ground in ruins, but their scholarly writings were saved, and discovered again by Petrarch and others during the Italian Renaissance, seeking to find the knowledge of the old Classical world.  The American Revolution took place because of great men and writers like Samuel Adams who had a fiery tongue and pen, and he took full advantage of it.  Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.  Inspiring all of these American writings was John Locke, who wrote the base about freedom of speech, press, and others.

My point is: the pen is much, much more powerful than the sword.

That is why I have started this blog.

I hope you enjoy.

But first, more about me.

I am definitely not all fancy English writings and poetry.  I have a band, Molly and the Cowgirls, and that is the only place where my friend Julie says I am crazy.  Anything we do that catches my singing attention, I put it into a song, and Julie can usually be heard in the background, crying for me to, “STOP IT!

As I said, I like to make movies.  Although I make movies, I am no wizard with pictures and photography.  If you want to see real photography, check out Julie’s website, AG Doll Adventures.

My pets are:











Strawberry the (uniquely pink) hamster.

Butterscotch the horse



I bought Strawberry for almost nothing at a farmer’s market.  He was very rare with a strange pink color, which I think is adorably cute.

Julie is my Best Friend, and my roommate.

My favorite ice cream is Double Fudge Brownie.

I love to sail and horseback ride.  (Fact: Bennet fell overboard during a sea storm.)

I won tied with Julie in the National AG Doll Skating Competition and won a free trip to Alaska.

I won the Tap Dancing Competition.

I am learning how to roller blade.  I learned my lesson after trying to walk Meatloaf on a leash wearing roller blades and I ended up breaking my leg.

That’s all of my bio.  I hope you enjoy my blog!


Molly McIntire