Bennet’s Biography

I’m Bennet, the fantastic, wonderful, trained, obedient dog.  (Well, maybe not so much the obedient part…)

Anyway, I am owned by Molly.  She is a wonderful owner who only yells at me when I do bad things like open all of the presents on Christmas Eve or try to bake a cake but burn it so much that what comes out of the oven is a lump of charcoal.

I am (I think) around one year old, maybe.  Nibbles disagrees.  She says she is two, and “as we are minded alike, we must be the same age,” she says.

This is my secret blog, which the other dogs know about and post on too, where I will share with you my stories and adventures which I always share with Nibbles, my rabbit friend, sometimes share with my dog buddies, and maybe with Molly.  I think you’re going to love my posts and pictures.

That’s all of my biography.  Hold on, Nibbles (who is at my side as I write) just told me that if I write this biography, it is an autobiography.  Ok, so this is my autobiography, and I hope you enjoy my blog, Bennet’s Blog.