I got my own Stable!

Hi guys!  Guess what?  I’ll tell you a story so that you understand!

I got 20 acres of land before Christmas.  I have a horse, but I kept her at these terrible stables, where the conditions were absolutely horrible!  So for Christmas, I thought to myself, why not build a stable?  I knew someone with the wood, which I could buy, and I am really good at building things, so why not build a stable for my beautiful Butterscotch to live in?

So I bought the wood.  That’s not the only surprise!!!!!  Julie bought me a surprise riding outfit!!!!!!!!!  Here it is:




What do you think?

Isn’t it wicked cute?

I love the bow with the miniature horses on it!

I can’t wait to show everyone what the stables look like when they are done!!!!

Merry Christmas!


Molly McIntire

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