Christmas – Part 2

Hi guys!  It’s Bennet, back with another Christmas series post!

So last night, Molly and Julie went shopping, and came back with some stuff in bags labeled, “Doggy Kingdom” and the grocery store (for Nibbles’ carrots).  PRESENTS!!!!!

Molly and Julie spent the rest of yesterday wrapping present after present.  Then they hid them away in the usual spot; next to their beds.

When Molly and Julie went away again today, we knew we were in for an unwrapping party!

We took the presents out and began to open them.

“I can’t open it,” Molly’s Cocoanut was sitting in front of her present looking at it with dreamy eyes, “I want it to be a s-s-surprise!” -moving towards the box- “Oh, I can’t take the suspense!”

“Wow!” said Molly’s Meatloaf, holding up a punching Santa Clause on a big stick, “Cool!”

Julie’s Meatloaf unwrapped his gift and screamed with pleasure.

“It’s a-a-a…” stammered Julie’s Meatloaf, “What is this thing?”

He pressed a button and a ton of lights whirled around and around inside of a plastic, clear ball.  The ball was on top of a big stick.

“COOL!” he shouted, and went over to play with Molly’s Meatloaf.

The Peppers unwrapped their presents.  Molly’s Pepper got a pack that attaches to a dog’s back.   Pepper had wanted it since he saw it in the magazine yesterday when Molly asked everyone to pick out presents!

But Julie’s Pepper got doll clothes!

He was not really disgusted though.  He put the skirt on his head and danced around.  Fluffmut grabbed Julie’s camera and snapped pictures.  She also created a video!

Nibbles unwrapped doll pants and wore them on her ears!  (P.S.!  Don’t worry too much about Nibbles, she unwrapped some carrots too!)

I got a box full of toys!

We played for hours and hours, and then Molly and Julie came home.

“Quick!” Pepper cried, “Hide the presents!”

I still can’t believe it, but we hid the presents in the same spot they used to be in.

We sat in a semi-circle when Julie and Molly came in.

We looked so innocent.  Well, really not, but it can’t be helped.

So that is the story of the great present unwrapping.


This is Bennet!


With the help of Nibbles.



Thanks for reading!

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