Create Paper Stuff for your Doll!


Here’s how to make AG doll books and candy – with supplies all around the house!

First, take your favorite books.  Now take pictures of them – the front, the back, and the binder.  Now upload them to your computer, and add them to a Power Point presentation.  Now you crop everything out of the picture except for the book part.

Put the book together on Power Point, print it out, and fold it!

Give them to your doll to read!

If you want to see an example, see mine:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.56.29 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.56.19 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.56.13 PM


P.S.!  For the candy bar, cut it out and tape it together!

Have fun!

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