Christmas – Part 1

Christmas.  It is always so much fun!

This is Bennet, with Part 1 of my Christmas series.  This series is dedicated to the pre, post, and Christmas Day adventures I will have!  (I know I will have these said “adventures”, if you are asking, because they always just seem to happen.)

So today we were getting the dusty Christmas decorations out of the boxes.  Nibbles and I love the Christmas decorations, especially the tree.  It’s great for climbing!  And the ornaments!  Great for swinging on!

Because we swing on the ornaments, Molly and Julie, wisely, have bought plastic ornaments this year.  The year they were glass was a disaster.  We swung on the ornaments over and over, and then they broke off the hooks.

Molly and Julie spent the rest of that day sweeping and vacuuming the glass off of the floor and trying to hang more ornaments on the tree.

Anyway, we watched them hanging the usual paper chain, the ornaments, tie the tree skirt, hang the wreath, and other festive things.

Nibbles and I swung on the ornaments to continue the tradition, and then tight rope walked along the paper chain to see how long we could both stay on without breaking the paper.  I, weighing more, broke the paper chain first, then Nibbles also broke it towards the middle.  We landed on Molly and Julie’s beds, and then hurried into hiding spots when we saw them coming.

They got sort-of mad, but they couldn’t find us.  When we came out, they were making another paper chain.  They took no notice of us, because they were chittering and chattering about Christmas this, and that, and all of the great things that come with this season!

I just love Christmas!


I’ll be back with another, and longer, post in this Christmas series!


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