The Fall Tag

Hi!  Thanks, AG Doll Adventures for nominating me!

Here’s the rules to the Fall Tag contest:


AG Doll Adventures’ Questions:

Do you like pumpkin flavored foods?

I don’t know.  I’ve never tried them before!

Do you eat mashed sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving?

Yes!  I love them topped with marshmallows.  Yum!

What do you normally wear in the fall?

Jeans, a short sleeved tee shirt, and a warm fleece or a jacket.

Do the leaves fall off the trees near you?

Yes.  They are not fun to rake because they are so small!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Hmm. Tough question.  I like Twix bars a ton!

Do you do any activities (corn maze, apple picking) in the fall?

I usually do a corn maze.  I would love to try apple picking!

What are your favorite things about fall?

The color of the leaves, definitely!  I also love the chill in the air!

Is fall your favorite season?

No, I think I like spring better, but I do like fall.

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

We biked around for the day, and then had Thanksgiving dinner.

What is your least favorite thing about fall?

Scooping up the leaves and putting them in bags.

Do you play a fall sport?

No, but I would love to!


I nominate:

AG Doll Adventures @


I’m afraid that I don’t have 11 blogs to nominate!  Sorry! 🙁


Here’s my questions:

What’s your favorite fall leave color?

Do you rake the leaves, or does someone else?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dinner food?

Do you cook the food, or does someone else?

Have you ever gone somewhere else for Thanksgiving?

Do you have Thanksgiving traditions that you love?

Do you decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving?

Do you jump in the leaves?

Do you wish that it doesn’t get cold after Thanksgiving? (If it does!)

Do you eat a Thanksgiving dinner, or a lunch?

Do you like Thanksgiving?


Those are my 11 questions!


Have fun!

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