Christmas Puppy

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My name is Christmas.

When I was two months old, I was adopted around Christmastime, resulting in my name Christmas.  The family loved me and cared for me, and the kids in the family thought I was the best Christmas present ever.

Then the kids, Hallie and Luke, grew up and it was time to go to college.  Hallie, who really loved me the most of the family, took me with her.  The dorm where she lived was tiny!

Her roommate was a homebody, and stayed in the dorm whenever she could, making the space even smaller.

I slept most of the day away.

When Hallie quit college, she moved to a tiny, junky house with a bunch of partying girls.  They were up all night, partying.  I hated it.  Hallie had turned into a partying girl, and she had quit college!  Her parents were very disappointed in her, and they decided that she wasn’t mature enough to own a dog.  So the parents, who were too old to have a young and energetic dog like me, decided to find a home for me.

They searched the town, the neighboring suburban areas and the city nearby.  Finally they found a family with two young girls.  I could tell their hearts melted at the sight of me, when I was brought to their house.

The parents immediately bought me.

They kept it a secret from their girls until Christmas.  They placed me under the tree on Christmas Eve and clipped on a Christmas bow collar around my neck.  Then they waited for Christmas Day to come.

When the girls tramped down the stairs at 5:00 am, they saw me.  I was asleep, with my head on the floor, under the Christmas tree.

The girls were thrilled to own me, and they really loved me.

When one of the girls, Sarah, went to college, she left me at home, thank goodness!  But after she graduated, she took me to live with her in a nice cozy cottage in Acadia, Maine.  She became a published and well known author.  Sarah even wrote me into one of her books!

So that is my story.  I live with Sarah in our little cottage without any of the worries of “Will I sleep tonight?”

The End

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