Decorate your Room!

Hi!  I’m here to share some room decorating tricks.

First, start with a red and green paper chain.  You should know how to make one: cut out strips of red and green construction paper and create loop after loop and hang it up on a window in your room.

Next, draw and cut out some paper snowmen and tape them wherever they would fit.

Buy some small lights battery powered and string them up everywhere!

Turn on some Christmas music!

If you can, go to an arts and crafts store near you and buy a small tree with some small ornaments, a small star, and some small lights.  Decorate your own Christmas tree in your room!

Buy some nutcrackers and place them on your desk, windowsills, anywhere it needs it.

Cut out paper snowflakes and tape them to the windows!

BONUS!!!!  If you have a bunk bed, and you sleep on the top, put a paper chain across the rail holding you into the bed.  If you have the bottom bunk, cut out paper snowflakes and tie string to them an attach them to the wood above you holding the mattress up.

That’s all I have today for Christmas decorating, but I will have more!


Merry Christmas!

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