Christmas Things at Molly’s

HI!  It’s Molly here with a new post.

I’m writing from home, with my fabulous Christmas outfit.  I’m telling all AG Dolls, and fans, to dress up in your best Christmas outfit and have a Christmas party.  Invite all of your friends!  Buy wonderful treats from The Miniature Cafe, my favorite restaurant!


The Miniature Cafe's Bread



Julie and I do a present swap on Christmas Eve, and usually the presents are silly little things, but you can do it as well!  Make your dogs presents, like I do!  I made all of my dogs green and red matching sweaters one Christmas, and so did Julie.  (Not sure Fluffmut enjoyed the outfits, but as you know, she is a fashion snob!)

We have decorated our apartment.  It looks absolutely beautiful, except for the fact that Nibbles and Bennet, Julie’s rabbit and one of my dogs, jump on the tree and knock all of the ornaments, including the star, down to the ground every day.  So Julie and I came up with a brilliant plan.  We bought plastic ornaments this year, because the glass ones last year broke!  The star, well, it looks as beaten up as any star could possibly be.  Oh well.  Doesn’t matter.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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