DIY AG Doll Christmas Tree Decorating

Hi!  I’m going to show you how to decorate your Christmas tree to match the one in your Family room:

First, you need an AG doll sized Christmas Tree!  No problem.  Hitch up old Butterscotch to the sleigh and take off with an axe to find the best Christmas Tree.

So, now what?

Well, but your tree in a sensible spot, I put mine in between my and Julie’s beds, and then put the tree skirt around it.  String lights on it.  Now for the ornaments.

If you want to do the easy way, you can just go to A.C. More and find some cute doll-sized ornaments to hang on your tree.  I did that.

You can also take clay and create little critters.  Poke holes in the top of them, cook them, and put eyeholes in the hole at the top.  Thread a string through the eyehole and hang it on your tree for you to enjoy.

Now for an angel.  It will take you hours to find the perfect sized angel to top your tree.  You could easily find a star, but I like putting an angel at the top of my tree.  I take Styrofoam and put metal wire through the center of both and attach them.  Paste yarn to the “head” and draw a face (including a nose).  Sew a dress onto the angel (with lace if you can!) and add arms.  Put your new angel on the tree!


Have a Merry Christmas!


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