My Christmas List

I know this is a bit early, but I have already created my Christmas list:

A mini Molly doll

A new kitchen

A sewing machine

Cloth for the sewing machine

Sleeping earmuffs

It’s pretty small, but I still want all of that.  I am dying for a new kitchen.  Our current sink falls in every now and then, and our cabinet has holes from the jackhammer Meatloaf put to it when he was desperate for food.  Our fridge doesn’t keep anything cold so we have to go to the grocery store almost every day!  I want a sewing machine for the mini Molly doll, so I can sew clothes for my doll!

The sleeping earmuffs might seem a bit weird, but Julie snores so loudly, that I just have to have earmuffs to sleep well.

I want a Molly doll to have a look-alike.  I already have a Rebecca doll, and she needs a friend.

I will post some pictures of Rebecca and Molly (If I get her this Christmas – hint, hint Julie!).

Speaking of Julie, she wants a Grace doll.  She loves her outfit!  She already has a Maryellen doll, and Maryellen and Rebecca are great friends and super heroes/spies/detectives.  (Code names – Super Sally [Maryellen] and Daring Darla [Rebecca].)

That’s all I have for now!

I’m happy to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving at home with Julie and my dogs.

Can’t wait for the turkey!




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