New Contest!

Attention all who are in the story business!  A two step contest will take place here!

Step one: Artists go first.  They draw a picture, and the winner will be shown December 10th.  The first three winners’ pictures, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, will be given over to the writer’s part of this contest.

Step two: Next comes the writers.  The writers will pick their favorite picture, which will be named by the artist, and the writers will write a short story around the picture.

The best story for each picture will be placed as 1st, 2nd, 3rd.  The places will be totally separate between the two parts of the contest.  It doesn’t matter if the picture is in 3rd, the writing may still win 1st.


Rules (for the Artists!)

Attach your picture to the comment where you submit it.

Enter it into a comment on The Illustrator’s Page.

Your picture must be drawn, on or not on a computer, and you must scan it into the computer if you draw it off of the computer.


Rules (for the Writers!)

Make sure your story labels what picture you picked.

Enter it into a comment on The Writer’s Page.

You must type it on a computer.


That’s all!  Hope you enjoy!  Happy drawing and writing!

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